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Fiber Optic Textile Composite Displays:
“DISPLAY EVERYWHERE”: Photonica can implement an image “face” or display output in almost any structure that can be fabricated with textile composites.

How to Make a Seamless Beautiful Flat or Curved TV Without Spending Billions on Next-gen Fabs: Multiple Inexpensive Display Modules Behind One Seamless, High Optical-purity Display Screen

Image Transport by Fiber Arrays
What would make a better video display screen than one made with the purity and optical efficiency of the same optical fiber used in telecom networks and sensitive medical imaging?...THE ANSWER IS, NOTHING.

Since the 1970’s, the principle of “image transport” by optical fiber array, in which an image is divided amongst an array of fibers, has been employed as the best solution for maintaining image integrity for applications ranging from endoscopes to aircraft cockpits.

Seamless Multi-module Displays
Fiber-optic faceplates (arrays of fused or molded optical fiber arrays) are also added to the fronts of conventional displays (LCD, OLED, etc.) to improve image quality. Image quality has never been the question. So why hasn't anyone made a big display this way? Well, they have – big, beautiful 100" diagonal flat screens but unfortunately constrained to using multiple extruded fiber array "blocks" that showed visible seams between tiles.  And which were also unfortunately very heavy, very bulky, very expensive...with visible seams.

Photonica’s breakthrough, which revolutionizes this domain of proven, high-quality display optics, is to develop a telecom-type architecture for display systems, with optical fiber as a "smart" element in an incredibly wide variety of textile-composite structural systems.

Photonica's telecom-type display architecture, implemented in the physical manufacturing and structural system of textile composites, and leveraging the vast improvements in the mechanical robustness of optical fiber, for the first time enables the widespread implementation of optical fiber in display systems of all sizes.

Optical fiber made possible the Internet.  Now Photonica brings that revolution the world of displays.

Because optical fiber has been optimized in recent years for mechanical robustness, while maintaining optical transport integrity, in systems requiring tight bend radii and under repeated flexing, Photonica can deploy optical fiber-based display pixel transport as a "smart structural element" in just about any textile-composite manufacturing process, structural part or system.  When we say "display everywhere," this is what we mean.   Robust, light-weight, shapeable, and foldable or flexible textile-composite display structures...everywhere.

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