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High Frame-rate Pixel Technologies Flex-fold and Curved Video Display Screens • Compact PICs

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From Photonic Integrated Circuits to Displays - The Sum of the Parts Combined Innovations.
Photonica’s commercialized nano-pixel technologies (including MO/MPC), combined with our textile-composite screen solution to the previous problems of otherwise high-quality fiber-guided displays, provides for the first time a low-cost way to make the highest image-quality displays of any size from small, cost-effective modules, without the appearance of “seams” or tiles. For the first time, displays based on new pixel technologies can be made more cheaply than current LCD panels and modules.
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SPEED to BURN: For All Visual Applications: AR/VR, 3D, 4k/8k...silky smooth visuals at all times.
Photonica and its team have developed the world’s fastest (highest frame-rate) display: the first practical, full- color, scalable, and low-power magneto-optic (MO) and magneto-photonic (MPC) displays and the developer of the world’s leading MO/MPC spatial light modulators (SLM’s).
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Mobile/Portable Folding Video Screen Convenience. Photonica is also the developer of the world’s first seamless, lightweight, and inexpensive fiber-guided displays, via breakthrough 3D fiber-optic textile-composites, for folding or curved displays of all sizes – from mobile/HMD to cinema walls and all applications in between.
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Better color and dynamic range because we control light with state of the art nano-scale devices and structures.
A revolution in the economics of display manufacturing costs, including cost-effective 4k and 8k, because we make displays using multiple smaller and cost-efficient “image-engine” units integrated into one, seamless picture by our integrating fiber-optic textile composite display optics & viewing surface. No new CAPEX!

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