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Photonica, Inc. is a ground-breaking photonics technology company developing new products for consumers and industry in video display, routing applications for telecom, and photonic integrated circuits, as well as providing custom product development services for customers in the consumer electronics and industrial display, and semiconductor chip sectors.   Founded in 2007, the company is comprised of an international team operating on three continents: in Asia, North America, and Europe.
Photonica and the Photonica team have been together as pioneers in photonics and photonics applications to video displays especially for twelve years, achieving numerous world-firsts in the process, developing new categories of video display and photonics system technologies and solving problems that were viewed as unsolvable by many.
A revolution later, Photonica has widened the scope of its historic innovations to include: virtual and augmented reality, hybrid MPC, a telecom signal-processing architecture, substrate systems and optics, PIC and SLM systems, addressing technologies, and power system technologies.
Partnering has been essential to that success.
Photonica has in place a global supply chain through close partnering relationships with leading global supply chain partners. This allows Photonica to securely and efficiently manage the production of products to customers and markets as apparently divergent as, for example the display needs of the US DOD, production & post-production houses in the entertainment industry and industrial design and engineering facilities, and the consumer and business electronics and display mass-markets.
Photonica has carefully coordinated its development of key supply partnerships and customer relationships, which go hand in glove for delivering truly change-making products to large markets.  Research and educational institutions are among those key partnerships as well, and Photonica has developed deep roots in key regions where its supplier, research and customers are also based, including in NY State, the United Kingdom, California, and Japan.
Photonica's systems and architecture and managed supply chain model cleverly allows for robust deployment through design and build, utilizing methods and modifications from a common platform that can feed into and between the fabrication and production needs of both limited and variable-run products and mass manufacturing. 
The value of Photonica's broad photonics platform not only benefits the accelerated and flexible delivery of Photonica's display products and systems, ranging from HMDs in augmented/mixed reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to very large 8K UltraHD displays, but also products for telecom, sensing and computation, including spatial light modulators (SLM's) and photonic integrated circuits (PIC's).
In the area of display technology, Photonica is commercializing one of perhaps only seven core display technology categories fully commercialized in the last fifty years, the others being CRT, LCD, Plasma, OLED, MEMS, and E-Ink.   Given the breadth of applications and benefits today, and room for continued improvement far into the future, Photonica has arguably developed the most important display technology since LCD.
And video display application, as wide-ranging as they are - from flat and curved to flexible and foldable, and from mobile virtual augmented reality to giant wall-sized 8k UltraHD - are just the beginning.   The same powerful photonics platform in its chip-scale embodiments for micro-displays will be deployed in related products for telecom routing/switching and sensing, and the future of computation with photonic integrated circuits.
To this end Photonica continues to expand its IP portfolio, combining sophisticated internal fundamental and applied R&D, generating significant patents and further avenues of investigation, as well as partnerships with leading researchers in academia.
What others dream of years away is here today... with Photonica.
Photonica is one of the core legacy companies in the Ars Nova Capital portfolio.

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