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Broad-based Commercialization and Mass-manufacturing Ready, R&D and Diverse IP Portfolio

Next generation technology system, building on team breakthroughs that previously revolutionized magneto-optic materials, including first practical MO materials in the visible blue frequency range and latching/bi-stable switches.

World's Fastest Display and SLM Technology:  Sub 10 ns demonstrated; sub 1-ns under development.

Compares to:
LCD ≈10 ms
MEMS ≈10μs
(1000 x faster than MEMS & 1,000,000 x LCD)

  • Pixel pitch ranging from 1 micron to unlimited
  • Contiguous single hybrid MPC panels available up to 16” square, with option to adjust tooling to accommodate panels of 100” diagonal and more.
  • Cheaper and lighter-weight than LCD per unit area.
  • But the lowest cost scaling solution is via Photonica’s “network optics” solutions, especially textile-composite fiber-guided screens: multiple small hybrid MPC (or other pixel-technology, such as LCD, OLED, or MEMS) panels with continuous fiber-optic screen
  • Thickness is industry-competitive between LCD and OLED (1/4”)
  • Transmissive and reflective configurations available

High Frame Rates for Realism: 3D, Video Games..." change to "High Frame Rates for Realism: AR/VR, 3D (stereo, auto-stereo, or holographic), 4k/8k, mobile/HMD, cinema walls or sizes in between: no matter your content - live sports, video games, CGI-overlay on real world environments, full CGI/VFX environments or integrated CGI/VFX live action - MPC delivers proven unbeatable high-frame rate performance. Only Photonica can reach (and exceed) the 120 fps barrier (60 fps/eye), the maximum for human visual system (HVS) benefit and HMD and folding mobile and above sizes.

LOW COST AND ROBUSTLY FOLDABLE DISPLAYS:  Unlike "folding" OLED, with OLED's inherent lifetime limitations and very limited repeatable foldability, Photonica's fiber-optic textile-composite solutions can shape curved displays around curves and implement practical foldable displays.  This means displays consumers can repeatably fold and unfold without stretching circuit elements to the point of early failure, image degradation, and even shorter overall lifetimes than OLED has to begin with.

LOW COST WAY OF MAKING BIG DISPLAYS ...AND DISPLAYS OF ANY SIZE:  By using any required number of smaller, cost efficient display modules, integrated by a larger continuous fiber-optic textile composite screen, Photonica introduces a whole new way to make displays more cheaply.  And it is the first practical solution to cost-effectively introducing new pixel technologies, like Photonica's hybrid MPC or OLED, and making larger displays without relying on the industry's default model of enormous capex for fabs to achieve reasonable yields.  This is the first technology that can make a folding mobile device and a cinema wall with the same core scaling technology.

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